Quick Action Drum Lug is a division of Think Peak, Inc. A privately held Corporation established in 1999 after several years of operating as a sole proprietorship. The company is owned and operated by Chris Kennedy.

Chris has been playing drums since the age of 12, with years of private instruction by Don Frey in York, PA. He participated in marching, jazz, concert bands and drum corp and numerous cover and original bands. Chris graduated from Penn State in 1985 with a Mechanical Engineering degree. Over the years, Chris has designed and prototyped various custom gizmos for his drumkits. As with most ideas, if you sit on it you will see it done by someone else.

The Quick Action Drum Lug is an idea where we have made the investment to protect it via the United States Patent Office and have also invested a substantial amount of time in engineering many variations of the lug. The RK32 is the first patent-pending Quick Action Drum Lug to be offered. the RK32 has since been retired, and the R1 has been introduced. We also have introduced the T1 which is visually identical to the R1, except it is using a single mounting screw.

We are located near Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

On Line Presence
We have launched our on-line store, using Shopify as the engine.

People who run the show
Chris Kennedy – Principal

Pamela Kennedy – CFO